The Culture and Science in Canada

Canada is a multicultural society. The French and British traditions and the constant

infusion of the United States' culture give the Canadian nation and culture their complex three-dimensional character. The Canadians have always struggled for their cultural identity against the cultural influence of the French, the British and especially of their southern neighbour, the USA. Due to this struggle, Canada is not just a blender counterpart of these cultures. The peoples of Canada have created a country that is decidedly different, being quite original and distinctive. The national sense of cultural unease has produced a torrent of great outstanding The Culture and Science in Canada people, who display the distinct Canadian spirit in their creative work and heritage. Below are just a few of them.


Stephen Butler Leacock, a humorist and satiric writer: numerous stories, ironic and

even bitterly satiric of the modern human society and its "moral" values.

• Dyson Carter, a writer: "Russia's Secret Weapon" ("Секретное оружие России", a

book about the Soviet science), the novels "Tomorrow Is With Us" (Будущее за нами), "Fatherless Sons" (Сыновья без отцов).

• The contemporary writers of the last decades of the 20thcentury are Margaret

Atwood, Alice Munro, Robertson Davies, Michael Ondaatjee, Mordecai Richler, Réjean Ducharme, Brian Moore.

Fine Arts, Music The Culture and Science in Canada, Opera

Masters of fine arts (painters, sculptors) and of music (singers, musicians, composers)

are often associated with particular societies and their cultures. If the works of these masters are known all over the world, it helps their nation to be recognized as a cultural society in the world, too. Canada is proud of its talented men and women,

whose creative heritage contributes to the country's cultural identity and traditions.

The Canadian outstanding modern artists are A.A. Bronson (mixed media), Ken

Danby (a painter), Nina Raginsky (a photographer), and Brett Davis (a sculptor).

Among the Canadian modern musicians are Leonard The Culture and Science in Canada Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Neil


George London, a famous Canadian bass-baritone singer

Popular Music

Avril Lavigne Celine Dion Neil Young


Carrie-Anne Moss

Spider-Man («Человек-

-паук», 1994-1998) Matrix, The¼Trinity («Матрица», 1999)

Matrix, Reloaded («Матрица:Пере- загрузка», 2003)


Jim Carrey

The Mask («Маска», 1994) Dumb and Dumber («Тупой,

еще тупее», 1994)

Liar, Liar («Лжец, лжец»,


Bruce Almighty («Брюс

всемогущий», 2003)

Pamela Anderson

Show Girls

(«Шоугерлз», 1995)

Scary Movie 3

(«Очень страшное

кино - 3», 2003)

Canada is a leading country in scientific research and technological innovations:

• Frederick Banting and John MacLeod, physiologists, the Nobel Prize for the

discovery of insulin;

• Gerhard Herzberg, a physical chemist, the Nobel Prize for research in chemistry;

• Ludwig Bertalanffy, a biologist The Culture and Science in Canada: the general system theory;

• Clement Boman, the Nobel Prize for research in power engineering ("Global Energy") in 2007.

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